What to expect?

In the initial consultation, I will gain an understanding of your presenting complaint by firstly listening and then asking a range of questions about physical/mental health both past and present as well as diet, lifestyle, childhood and family history.

From there I will create a treatment plan which will be emailed to you the same day. The prescribed remedies are also sent via express post the same day.

Depending on the severity and nature of your complaint, 3-6 sessions will be recommended initially.

Each follow-up takes place 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment, allowing enough time to see how you have responded to the prescribed remedies and any other recommendations.


Initial: 1hr – $160
Follow-up: 45mins – $130
Concession Rate: $110 for both initial as well as follow-up consultations
All prescribed remedies and postage is included in the consultation price

Constitutional Homeopathy

In constitutional Homeopathy we look at the individual as a whole – mind/body/spirit. We enquire into all aspects of the being and find the mirror in nature (homeopathic remedy). Like cures like. The mirror in nature (or homeopathic remedy) is then given to the individual in an energetic preparation, this is like holding a mirror up to the psyche and the mind/body naturally then begins to make adjustments in order to heal and create more balance.

An example of this is the remedy ‘Nat Mur’. This Homeopathic remedy is made from table salt. As salt creates dryness, this remedy can be used for dry conditions, dry skin, dry hair and on the mental/emotional plane this can be used to bring forth tears that have dried up and been supressed into the body.

Chinese Medicine Theory

Understanding ailments/illness from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. Rather than treating symptoms as isolated imbalances, we look to understand symptoms from a holistic perspective by looking at potential organ system imbalances and the mental/emotional aspects associated.


A gentle muscle monitoring technique that is used to uncover the underlying cause of stress/illness by accessing the subconscious mind through the body’s awareness. This technique is used effectively online. The same muscle monitoring technique is then used to find the appropriate healing technique/remedy.